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In January 2023, the go was given for the construction of the latest transshipment hall, designed for bulk material. Old boxes first had to be demolished on the site after which construction of the 14-metre-high hall could begin. The hall consists of 3 boxes whose roofs can be opened and closed independently of each other, fully automatic. This means that bulk material can be stored directly in

the boxes, eliminating unnecessary and time-consuming conveyor connections. The material can be reloaded via the roof using an excavator or via special gates using a wheel loader. With a capacity of around 3,500m3 per box, the storage capacity for bulk material has been significantly increased. This investment was also co-financed by the European Union as part of the CEF funding.


Located directly on the quay wall, a new warehouse for pallets and big bags was built in 2021, which can also be used as temporary storage for bulk goods. On an area of 1,800m2, with a concrete wall height of 6.5 meters, a very versatile storage facility was created. This investment was co-financed by the European Union as part of CEF funding.


In 2020, a major milestone for the future was set with the purchase and commissioning of the SENNEBOGEN 895E material handler. In terms of speed, efficiency and lifting capacity, this hydraulic excavator is unique and unrivaled to date. Especially with the two grabs (14m3 for light goods and 8m3 for heavy goods), loose products can be handled extremely quickly. In hook mode, lifts of up to 55 tons are possible. This investment in a future-proof port infrastructure was co-financed by the European Union as part of the CEF funding.

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